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Went to dinner with Tim last Saturday night. Then walked around downtown San Jose for a couple of hours. I have been wanting to do that and see the relation of clubs to each other and see how far it all is from my house. We walked around the San Jose State campus too (his school). It's a nice, open campus. I'd like to go there in a year. I hadn't previously wanted to but it's close to my house and a good school. He is a little on the dull side. Mostly because he's so laid back. He's so cute, too.

Hung out with Sara and Tim yesterday and then Tim more last night. I met a few of his friends from his old school (Heald College).

Going to try to go to Taste Ultra Lounge in downtown SJ Saturday night. My friend, Chynna, knows the owner and can get she and friends on the guest list anytime she wants to go. I'm trying to get Sara to go with us because Sara, Kris, Tim, and I are going to go hiking on Angel Island on Sunday and I was already trying to get Sara and Kris to spend the night at my house Saturday night.

Reminder to self: I STILL need to develop my pictures from Cabo and the East Coast! Ok, I'm doing it tomorrow.

Schedule for Fall semester:
Mon: math 8-1030
work 11-530
programming class: 6-9
Tues: work 9-1230
French 1-3
work 330-530
Wed: math 8-1030
work 11-530
Thurs: work 9-1230
French 1-3
work 330-530
Fri: work 9-530
Sat: work 8-3
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