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Hey guys! Just got back from Cabo last night. It was really fun. Finally got a decent tan. Drank a lot. Went clubbing A LOT. Didn't eat much and got lots of exercise. Lots of hot guys. Didn't spend much money (which was good because I didn't have much to spend). Marisela (the friend I went with) drove me nuts sometimes because she's very disorganized and scattered. I'm not exactly the most punctual person, but I felt like I was babysitting sometimes. viczaesar, I like travelling with you the best. You don't stress me out at all and you are mindful of time and responsibilities. Those aren't the only reasons, of course. :P

Will get the pictures developed and upload them as soon as I get around to it. I didn't take a lot. I miss my digital camera. :( Not that I would have wanted to carry the beast around Cabo with me, for God's sake.

Trying to catch up on postings. It's slow going because there are a lot I missed. Responses may be sporadic and random over the next few days.

Coming up on 2 months since TJ and I broke up. With the time and distance, I have realized a lot about our relationship. It pretty much sucked for the last 11 months of it. We maybe had about 7 good months before it started going downhill. I knew from the very start that we were complete opposites and a complete mismatch. But I thought it would be fun to try. We should have ended it after 6 months. Why we didn't, I don't know. We were quite boring as a couple. We didn't have romantic chemistry at all. Even from the start. And in retrospect, getting back to the person I was before TJ, we are so different, it's ridiculous that we even tried to be in a relationship in the first place. People told me that from the start, but I didn't want to hear it. I did love him. But I love easily. As rude as it was what he did, in all honesty, I can't really blame him. I sure as hell can't hate him. If you are with someone you clearly shouldn't be with and you've been dealing with it as long as you could and you come across someone else that is a great match, why in the hell would you stay with the person who were already with? Just to be kind? It's not fair to anyone. Everyone has a right to be happy. He really did us both a favor. We were both being stifled and I can really see that now. He said when he broke up with me that it was good to do it then so that we might be able to salvage our friendship. Maybe. I'm content just not having any weirdness because it seems weird to have this animosity when we were close friends for over a year. We probably won't ever be close friends again because we are such different people with completely different interests. But I don't want him as my enemy, either. We'll see, I guess.....
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