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Hey guys. Just catching up on everyone's postings and commenting where I have something to say. :P

Last weekend, I helped with Emily's campaign. Turns out she's running for State Assembly, not just mayor again. They're just starting the campaigning procedures so I'll help out as much as I can.

Saturday night I went to a rave, sans ecstasy. It was all ages so no alcohol either. So, it was basically a techno/trance show/concert with awesome DJs spinning but they tried to make it as much like a rave as possible. It was a lot of fun. Danced a lot. Drank a lot (down to the liquor store with my bitches every so often). We picked up a couple of guys to join our group. I seriously think I drank more than I ever have before. Thank God for my low tolerance and the fact that I drink so much water. No hangover. Dancing is a great workout. Hopefully I worked off all the damn sugar in the tequila. :I

Sunday, I went and watched the Big Sur Marathon with my friend, Eileen. That's so inspiring. Laid out in the sun to work on my tan for Cabo some. Finally getting some good color to go with my blonde hair so I don't look like a zombie, for God's sake. Rode 21.5 miles on the bike at the gym in an hour in the late afternoon. Went to the hot tubs around 7. Had dinner after that.

Lost 2 pounds last week. Trying not to lift too many weights anymore because I think I have enough muscle at this point. My legs have gotten really muscular and my arms and shoulders too. Any more and it won't look good. Trying to work out at least 2 hours every day. My clothes are getting really loose and I'm looking a lot better. Cabo is in a week and a day. Starting to think about what to pack. Going to wear mostly dresses and skirts since I actually look better in them now and it's, apparently, hotter than hell there.

Hope everyone is doing well! *hugs*
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