Jill (jill_mbs) wrote,

My work decided to SurfControl our computers again. So no LJ, MySpace, Craig's List, or Hotmail. I'll still check them in the morning and/or (probably more the or) at night.

I had my hair done yesterday. My cousin, Kristy, did it. She's really good. She has her license, but she doesn't have a permit because she doesn't have to work (her fiance is a fireman). So, I'm blonder now. It wasn't my choice but since she won't let me pay her for doing it (or for the product), I said she can do whatever she wants to my hair. I'm so glad I never dyed my hair some God-awful punk color like pink or purple for TJ. Those colors start fading and you really look like crap. And I didn't want to ruin my hair.

13.5 days until Cabo. :I

Here's a pic of me I took with my phone yesterday:
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